Companion Living

An Affordable Option that Can Improve Quality of Life

Two smiling seniorsIn today’s economy, many families are looking for options to make senior living more affordable. Companion Living is a special Symerica program that brings together two residents to share a suite. Our senior companion program can help you realize your financial goals without compromising the quality of care that you or your loved one needs and deserves.​

Here is some typical feedback from Symerica families about our senior companion program:

“My mom’s roommate encouraged her to get out and about in the community. She took her under her wing. It was good for her. She needed that extra nudge.”

“I knew that my dad’s roommate would always remind him to grab his sweater before heading to dinner. It made me feel good that he had a friend looking out for him.”

“My mom had even more visitors. She became a part of her roommate’s extended family.”

Contact us today to learn more about our companion program, or find a community near you.

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